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Cool music makes desserts even sweeter - study

Posted by Admin on Friday, March 4, 2016 Under: Taste

Listening to your favourite music will make your dessert taste even better, new research has found.

Those sweet beats enhance the sweet flavour of indulgent foods like chocolate and icecream, the study - the brainchild of gelato king Giapo Grazioli - found.

Music you don't like increases perception of bitterness and unpleasant flavours.

Forty-five participants in the Auckland University of Technology study tasted dark, bittersweet and milk chocolate gelato while listening to different types of music and then rated their level of enjoyment.

The study, published in the journal Appetite, found icecream tasted sweeter and more pleasant when participants listened to music from a genre they liked.


Kantono, K., Hamid, N., Shepherd, D., Yoo, M. JY., Grazioli, G., Carr, B.T. Listening to music can influence hedonic and sensory perceptions of gelati, Appetite, In Press, Accepted manuscript.

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